Strategic Partner Introduction/


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Is your sales team struggling to gain momentum ? 

Have you hired “top producers” with little or no results?

Are there additional product development needs slowing down your sales cycle or costing you deals? 

I specialize in business development by introducing you to like minded organizations for mutually beneficial partnerships. Creating a network of partners with synergistically matched objectives and/or complimenting products or services has several advantages and can be leveraged in product development, product management, marketing and sales.


The possibilities are endless when you have right team in place that can identify your challenges and introduce you to those who’s objectives will create a serendipitous alignment. When you open your mind and welcome creative alliances there exponential advantages that can thrust you far beyond expectations. Here are a few advantages to consider: 



Expedite your Go- to Market strategy by leveraging advanced 3rd party applications focused on resolving those pesky objections and would sit on your product roadmap for years to come.



  • Increased deal sizes

  • Create an additional revenue source from two way referral based residual income agreements.

  • Increased client satisfaction rates

  • Increased brand awareness

  • Lower CPA

  • Higher close ratio

  • Shorter sales cycle


Expedited procurement process when partnering with approved vendors. I work with a maximum of 3 companies per 6 month renewable agreement. Please inquire within if you’d like me to consider for my next opening.