About Me Part 3

A Mini-Series-Like Bio

Written by: Wendy Green Founder, Hono LLC

Bio Part 3

I’ve sold everything outside, inside, MLM, cars, you name it! At 12 years of age, I was the #1rep in a call center (best of 3) selling ballroom dancing lessons, and I killed it!  I worked my way up the ladder in various verticals, mostly surrounding the financial industry one way or another.   I had my sights set on management, run a team, run a floor, you know the classic work the ladder to the corner window office dream.

Now I hope at this point you’re not actually questioning if I made it… of course I did!!!  But people change, evolve, and life comes into play sometimes that makes you reevaluate what you actually truly want in life.

At the same time I was making things happen in my career I got married (live on NBC in a hurricane, but that’s another blog in itself) and after a difficult struggle had 2 healthy babies through IVF, 1 boy 1 girl, 2 rounds, 2 babies(LUCKY you’re seeing it now right?)  When I finally achieved the corner office with a view, I was leaving my 2 miracle babies at 6 am to commute to NYC and coming home at all hours of the night/next day. I worked so hard to get there, and I did not want it anymore. I needed more flexibility, more time to spend with my family, and let’s face it, I needed sleep… so I made a change.

My last role before founding Hono was at AvePoint, a new venture for me in high tech, a new world which I knew nothing about, and no network to support my change or ramp up period. It was time to start over. I was hired as a CAE to manage and grow their existing enterprise clients. What they failed to mention was every one of the accounts were uniquely challenged, and not exactly the most satisfied clients. The product itself was fantastic, but they had been transactional and failed to implement any client success process prior to my arrival. The majority of my accounts had not installed upgrades the products for several years and had been paying for shelf-ware, counting the minutes to the end of their term.

I am not technical at all. Truth is, figuring out how to create blog took me days, ok weeks longer than it should have.   Regardless, I had made a definite decision that I was going to blow them away. To further clarify how little, I knew (know,) I sat in training my first day and wrote down acronyms so I could Google them in the bathroom stall at every break. It was the only way I could begin to understand what the hell they were talking about.

After training, I kept going and didn’t stop. I researched day, night, weekend, birthday parties constantly.  I read white papers and found experts on LinkedIn so I could message them and pick their brain.  I called reps all over the country to help me understand use cases they were seeing buyers implement.  I became prepared for any opportunity I had while speaking to clients.  I reached out to everyone I knew and even called in a few favors and asked them if they knew anyone in any of my accounts. I spoke to everyone, and anyone willing to look up from their phone. I did not stop.

In less than 6 months I developed relationships with 70% of the accounts on my list and opened $6M ($2M fell off from a misunderstood email… oops, my bad) in opportunities and the majority forecasted to close before the end of second quarter.  Additionally, I took an account that canceled a $500K product, on a $150K main renewal, and in less than 60 days under my wing renewed for 3 years, and opened conversations surrounding an additional solution with a value of $1.5M. Not bad for a girl who got her start peddling soda.

Along the way, my energy and determination were recognized by many. I started to receive offers for employment just about every day. Respectfully declining them because I was laser focused at the time, but it became hard to ignore an obvious opportunity before me. These companies wanted me because I had the network, the determination and let’s just say it, I have balls. They recognized my unique ability to get into key accounts they’ve been targeting for years unsuccessfully and they wanted me to help them.  Business development and discovery have always been the part of the sale I loved the most and what I was so unmistakably talented at. Could I monetize what I LOVE and turn it into my own business?

I started negotiating referral agreements, starting with 2 companies that I have a genuine belief in because I have had first-hand success with them.  After building $6M(-$2M) in pipeline and getting through that dreaded ramp-up phase in a new industry, my last day at AvePoint was April 2 2018, and Hono was born.

True to my Creed I received a note from a contact from long ago, what felt like another life. I could not name anyone more perfect to bring my newest venture to, an AI marketing assistant, than this gentleman. He is a great person and an influencer with an enormous presence in the mortgage and real estate industry. Long story short, he is now a partner.

What I learned on the street peddling soda at such a young age has proven more valuable to me than anyone could have predicted.  It molded me to be the best in class and genuinely love business development. I connect people and business, and I uncover an opportunity in challenged strategic accounts. I have become best in class simply because I love talking to people about what they do and helping them bringing me amazing self-worth. I’m so intrigued when I learn about what makes people get up in the morning, it’s what makes me get up in the morning. I genuinely care.

I chose the name Hono because it means connect. It is the objective of every business development, marketing, and social media strategy every created, and that is what I, and hopefully one day in the near future WEdo at Hono.


So that’s my story, I hope you found it interesting enough to find out what happens next. I’m quite excited to find out myself.

Would you help a girl out and tell me you want to hear next?

Email, Tweet, Text, Connect, Friend, or all of the above, and let me know what you liked or didn’t like so I can do more or less of that.


732-832-1664 cell

Most importantly, sharing is caring. Spread the love my friends, it can be your good karma for the day.

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