About Me Part 2

A Mini-Series-Like Bio

Written by: Wendy Green Founder, Hono LLC

Bio Part 2

I was born to be in sales, no doubt in my mind. As the youngest of 4 daughters, my parents were tired, burnt from the rollercoaster of life with 4 children, bad investments, and a family business neither one of them were passionate about. It was not exactly the most loving of homes to grow up in, but it certainly taught me to be tough, stand my ground, and if I want something, it’s up to me to get it myself. I can now look back with genuine gratitude for that one.

We lived on the main road at the furthest point in town, no one around and nothing to do. There was, however, a popular drag racing landmark right down the road, Raceway Park. It was a motorhead's dream and once a year for they hosted the Summer Nationals, one of the biggest drag races in the US. People came from near and far but only one road in and one road out. The event caused massive traffic for miles and miles all day, all week in the hot baking sun, they were trapped. It was then, at about 5 years old, that I became a partner in my very first business “Ice Cold Soda $1.”

Being only 5 and a natural born extrovert, I was nearly impossible to resist and cars were lined up waiting for their overpriced not-so ice-cold soda. Every year my sisters and I set a mutually agreeable goal and just didn’t stop until we hit that magic number.   A new TV, a new trampoline, every year our target got higher and every year we hit it. The lesson that taught me to set the bar for the rest of my life. The knowledge so early in my life that I can achieve anything I set my sights for as long as I’m willing to work toward it is now forever engrained in my soul.

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