About Me Part 1

A Mini-Series-Like Bio

Written by: Wendy Green Founder, Hono LLC

Bio Part 1

Well… hello there!   Check you out, checking me out!

I already hold serious gratitude to whomever is reading this. It is the first attempt to blog, vlog, Snap, Tweet, whatever this may or may not guide me to next.

I thought I’d start with me, because most of you are probably saying “Who the hell is this lady?” I don’t blame you. I feel like it’s most important for you to first understand my foundation, my personal beliefs, my values that have lead me through the worst and best times to date.

Drumroll please...


I believe in karma, and what you receive in karma is 10X stronger than whatever you give. It is your decision if that will be positive or negative in every decision you make.

I believe that you can achieve anything, yes anything.  It is when you make a definite decision, and truly believe you will be able to achieve what others think to be the impossible.

I believe that without exception everything happens for a reason. You meet who you are supposed to meet, you fall when you are supposed to fall, and you succeed only when you express gratitude for all of it, good and bad.  I have more gratitude for my lows than my highs because those are where I found the answers I needed to make it here today.

I believe you’re not likely to succeed in selling anything with a sales pitch.  In my experience people aren’t sold, they buy.

I believe in love. I believe in true unconditional love, that makes you cry when you think of how happy it makes you feel, and sad in the fear that it may be lost.

I believe that knowledge is power, but only when applied in the right context and at the right time.

I believe that I will achieve everything and anything I want in life, as long I keep 100% faith and not a single doubt that I will succeed. This includes my belief that I will enter into a successful partnership agreement with my idol Tony Robbins. I haven’t yet discovered what, but I will. Hey Tony… want to buy a blog? I could get you in at ground level if you act now!!!

I believe that I am the luckiest person in the world, ever!

I’m starting this blog, vlog, social media strategy, whatever it is or becomes, as me not as Hono LLC. As of right now, I’m it, I am the brand, I am Hono. This is not a sales pitch, a drip campaign, a “Sales Funnel,” just me.  I want to share with you how I got here, why I got here, and why working with me would make YOU the luckiest person in the world, ever.

And so, we begin…. Eh come back tomorrow

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